How to Start a Music Bar

So you want to start your music bar but are overwhelmed with the gazillion things to do? Don’t be. You
should have a sound mind and focus when establishing your own music club because it is not just about printing flyers, hiring a DJ and partying like there’s no tomorrow. Starting up a music club is not easy hence you would surely need superman stamina. Remember, it requires organizational skills, hard work and of course exceptional taste and style for music. That and your passion for business will surely get you in your starting days. Consequently, tips below would also help.


If you fail to choose the best music program, then just forget the whole thing. This is your foundation, thus choose the best music programming and you are on your way in attracting your market. You should create identity with your music through consistency. However, this does not connote monotony. It is the task of your DJ to keep the crowd going while establishing your identity. Do not discourage the crowd with confused music program.

superman stamina

Music Bar


Awesome music in so-so location is bound to fail. Location is important. Hence, it is best to scout for the best place in town. Consider price, manager’s policy, and the demographics you would target.


Contemplate on who your target market is. Would you go for yuppies or students? This will greatly affect location, music and the overall operation. This will help you plan strategies to make your target market become regulars.

As such, don’t be contented on the first few days of your club. Always think ahead and go an extra mile. Make use of social media to advertise and socialize. Lastly, although nightclub is all about partying, always remind yourself to deal with drunken people the professional way and avoid brawling and picking a fight with them.

Party Clubs

Amidst the stress we go through life from various sources, we need to find ways to rejuvenate and have some fun. Speaking of enjoyment, attending a party even at clubs can be a great stress reliever. Sometimes, you need to break free from all your stressors, be it from your work, schools and some other matters. And partying at club is a good form of having fun and in entertaining yourself.

In clubs, music is the best attraction. It’s a good form of releasing all the stresses in you. As you dance with your friends at clubs, you can get loose and rid of the negativities that surround you. If you have issues at school because you weren’t unable to pay your tuition fees, don’t resort to partying just for the sake of forgetting your problems. In this kind of financial issue in supporting your education, you can resort to get Wells Fargo Student Loans. This kind of student loans will be your aid in continuing and finishing your studies.

A party club experience is all about having fun with your friends and not being wasted as what most people think of it. Though there are drinks being sold at these places, it doesn’t mean that you will drown yourself with alcoholic beverages. Drinking isn’t bad if you keep it on moderate, one thing that you should keep in mind when you party at clubs.

Party clubs come in many types that are classified based on the user’s preferences. It varies from club to club and from people to people to indentify the main attraction of party clubs. Today’s generation of youth have time to gather together at pubs, bars or clubs. They go on these places to have some fun, drink a bit, socialize and meet new people and of course dance the stress away.

Funky Music Artists

Music has many uses. It is used when you’re dancing, singing or any other type of performances. It can also be used for pastime purposes. Many people get addicted to some kind of music.

Music artists have to reach to their fans to let them hear their music. Some musicians would have to travel through air to get to places. There are international airports that can take the music artists to their fans. Most countries have their international airports already, such as Air Asia in China.

It’s amusing how as time passed by, more types of music sprouted. Here’s a list of the kinds of music we have today:

  • Classical music
  • Rock music
  • Blues
  • Jazz music
  • Electronic
  • Folk
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Hip Hop
  • Reggae
  • Funk Music

Funk music is a genre that started in the 1960s. It emphasizes melody and harmony that brings out a strong rhythmic groove. There are many funk music artists that lived, three of which are the following:

1. James Joseph Brown, Jr.

He was an American musician and one of the founding fathers of funk music and a major figure of 20th century popular music and dance. He is referred to as “The Godfather of Soul.”

2. Curtis Lee Mayfield

He was an American soul, R&B and funk singer, song writer and record producer. He was a multi-instrumentalist who played the guitar, bass, piano, saxophone and drums.

3. Earth, Wind and Fire

It is an American band that spanned the musical genre of soul, disco, R&B, funk, jazz and rock.

Music Club Promo Codes: Where to Get Some

Hear that beat? Too bad you can’t get in the club with that amount of money in your wallet. But don’t get too frustrated just yet because life is not as hard as it may seem. You might think of getting some coupon codes like Sprint promo codes, just to get inside the club. There are a lot of coupon codes that will give you privileges to a cheaper club experience. Get some free drinks, VIP pass or even discounted gate fees. Anything you can think of.

You might now be trying to consider on getting one but the problem that baffles you now is where to actually get one. Obviously you are not going to any promotional events just look for some coupon codes, nobody has got time for that, instead, the internet is full of websites that are sure to give you what you need. Here are some sites that give coupon codes on specific music clubs:


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Some people are not going to want Hotel Club and would prefer another type of club. Then why not Sam’s Club? Get some amazing party rocking in this club, go to the site and you would directly see a full list of all working product codes to get a fairly good discount or some other privileges within the club. Get coupons too with a click of the mouse, click and print as they would say it.


I know most of you are not interested into looking for the mentioned places. You might be thinking of looking for coupons about clubs near your areas. Basically, this site is a search engine for all the coupons that can be found, just simply search the club you want to know about then you get your results, as easy as that. Look for the club you want and don’t be limited by the other two links mentioned. Everybody has the right to party even without that large bunch of cash.

Stay Relaxed with Cool Jazz Music

The world sees the rising of the cool jazz music after the Second World War. Cool as it is, the music brings a new era in the music industry.

Cool Jazz Music has a relaxed tempo and lighter ones with singer sing it with relaxation. It is different compared to the hot, fast tempo of bebop music style. Cool jazz music is often accompanied by classical music. Since the word “cool” can be referred to as pastel colors that are believed associated with good mood, it was applied to the music around 1953.

Compared to the preceded music of bebop which is fast in tempo, this cool jazz music has a lighter sound and brings in smooth and soft sound. The musician plays it slow and softer and less interactively than in bebop music. So if you have problems in your mind, just stays relax and listens to cool jazz music like Brian Simpson or Chieli Minucci just to name some famous singer of cool jazz music. You can also read Phen375 review at

In the Music Awards of Citrus, which was held in the city of San Diego last March, a crowd of jazz fans were left to create lemonades from lemons. This shows how cool is the jazz music when they planned to have it again as they wanted to do it again in 2014 during the Citrus Music Awards. Cool as lemonade, the jazz music shows it all.

Jazz music has been in the heart of many people as the music is soothing to the ear and brings in memories of the past. Cool jazz music is closer to the heart as it has the flowing melodic style of soloing and it said to have longer heads. So whenever you have those stressful minds just find some cool jazz music to ease your troubled mind. Perhaps you can unwind yourself from anger and stress and be relaxed again.

Monaco Grand Prix Is Soon

The Circuit de Monaco runs through the streets of Monte Carlo and La Condamine, around Monaco harbour. The first Monaco Grand Prix was organised by Anthony Noghs in 1929, and is considered to be one of the very prestigious automobile races in the world.

The first Grand Prix of Monaco was won by William Grover-Williams, subsequently followed by others great names like Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Fangio, Graham Hill.

It is the slowest and the hardest of the World Formula 1 Championship.

The Grand Prix of Monaco is a great mythical race that all the pilots dream to win on the circuit of the Principality.

The circuit’s elevations shifts, tight corners and a narrow path make it one-of the trickiest in Formula One. It comprises both the slowest corner in the activity – the Grand Hotel hairpin, taken at just 50kph (31mph) and some of the quickest (the flat out kink in the tunnel, three turns beyond the hairpin, taken at 260kph (160mph).

Coming to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is one second unforgettable that you must prepare and anticipate.

Now the Grand Prix of Monaco is internationally known even by the least enthusiastic of motor sport and after modification on the first course (turn Sainte – Devote, the turn of the restaurant La Rascasse), the circuit measures now 3, 367 km. Due to its duration the Grand Prix is restricted to 78 turns.

It truly is in 1929, on April 14th at 13:30, under the honorary Presidency of S.A.S. the Prince Louis II the Grand Prix of Monaco was born thanks in particular to President Anthony Noghes who showed a powerful will to be able in order to organize in the smallest European state (after the Vatican) an event of this scale. His idea strongly supported by the Prince Louis II could be concretized thanks to its motivation and support of the famed aviator Monegasque, Louis Chiron.

To win in Monaco is hard because even a small error within the streets of the principality is fatal.

While overtaking in Monaco Grand Prix 2013 is notoriously difficult, the circuit’s twists and turns favour the ability of the motorist over the strength of the automobiles.

In 2012 Mark Webber made it three victories in a row for Red Bull Racing.

From Classic to Contemporary: On the Appreciation of Funk Outfit

In the year 1960s to 70s, happenings like dances, parties and other sort of social gatherings were flocked with young people who rejected social and political values to make known of their own style of being hippie as dressing up unconventionally.

Fashion during these years had been influenced by African-American funk musicians who have been admired for their funk outfit that comes in multicolored prints or snakeskin and were usually draped in fine Italian silk. Funky outfit during those years were shirt with frills or black turtle neck, bell bottom pants and platform shoes.

Although that fashion was pretty weird, still a lot of people find it interesting. Most popular looks of the 60s and 70s can still be observed in today’s fashion. Today’s funk outfits can now be made by retrofitting today’s clothes and accessories to develop modern outfits that are offbeat, creative and novel.

As been through the process of retrofitting, hippie outfit have been customized. Shoes in particular, had been adapted from platform to canvass and rubber shoes. Check out this shoes apt for modern funk outfit. Young generations of today still go for funk outfit but as been said earlier, outfits have been developed not only for parties and social gatherings but can now be use even in gigs like street dancing and skateboarding.

Funk Music for Moody People

Some say this is a weird type of music. Some say it is cool. Some say it is youthful. Some say it is simply funk. Funk is a type of music which mixes soul music, jazz and R & B. Its strength is brought by the sound of the electric bass and drums down to the ground along with the actions of the funk star playing it.

There’s a chord progression when it comes to this music. This music is distinct as it is a combined groove of musical instruments such as the drums, Hammond organ, electric guitar and electric bass. Bands who have funk styles used to mix it with the sound of trombone, saxophones and trumpets.

Funk music is highly youthful. Funk means bad temper or bad mood. This does not necessarily mean that funk music represents a loud or bad tempered state of a certain person. The music takes you to a sound that, most often than not, will let you forget trials.

One of the things shared for pokers tips is that when you have problems, try listening to funk music. This will surely rock your world and make you forget worries.

Things to Consider as You Plan for a New Music Bar Business

Planning to venture on a new business? Well, a music bar will surely be one great idea. People these days are fond of going to bars at night to chill and relax. And if you will have your own in your town, it will definitely be a booming business. But, just like any other kind of business projects, you must consider some things in mind. The process is quite tough but with the following things for you to consider, you will never be misled.


Money is of the essence when it comes to business planning. You can’t move to the next process without spending cash. It’s really a must to be equipped with funds for you to keep going with your business project. So, it pays to have a good credit score for in times of financial scarcity, you can easily apply for loans. But in case you have a stained or bad credit standing, you can have it fixed by the best credit repair companies out there. Thus, there’s no need for you to fret.

Good Business Judgment

Behind every large business is a brilliant person who practices his/her good business judgment. You as an owner of a soon-to-be established music bar should possess such kind of judgment. If you always plan everything well and study anything about your business, you will be sure that your business will bloom.

Skilled Employees

A certain music bar business success won’t be possible without hardworking, motivated and loyal employees. From the DJs, waitress, bartenders down to the bouncers, you must pick those that stay loyal to you and are dedicated to work for your business’ success.

So these are basically what it takes for you to be successful in your business. If you know how to handle things the right way for your business, you will never go wrong and if you do, you can always come back with revenge.

How to Become a Party Club Promoter

Have you ever wondered who is behind organizing and advertising events in the party club? Were you not curious on how they were able to pull off a crazy night party packed with party animals? Well, if you are, perhaps you may want to know how a promoter advertises parties and who knows, you may become promoter someday.

Choose Your Audience

Every event is different which means different audience. This being said, you need to do your research and identify your target market.

Hire Key People

As an organizer, you cannot do everything all at once that is why you need some reliable people to do some tough jobs and run some errands. A photographer may also be needed for some events.

Social Media

Twitter Followers, Facebook Friends, and other virtual friends may just be what they needed to get the audience they need. It is just simple. Post announcement with creative and catchy graphics, post it and it is done. Your friends and their friends are updated to the events that you organize. You can also send out emails, do newsletters and Press releases for your upcoming events. The key here is to be always visible.

If you are interested to become a promoter, it helps to ask guidance from expert club promoter or better yet, accompany them as they do the job. As it is, experience is still the best teacher.

Eurovision 2013 Results

Shortly we are going to know Eurovision 2013 results. The way the results are counted?

A round, called the semi – final, was launched for the Eurovision 2004 Contest.

The ten most highly-placed non-Big Four nations in the grand final were assured a spot in these year’s grand final, without the need to take part in next year’s semi. The remaining nations – which had not immediately qualified for the grand final – had to enter the semi.

At the 50th annual meeting of the EBU in September 2007, it was determined that in the 2008 Competition onwards there could be held two semi-finals. From 2008 onwards, the scoreboard position of any previous years is not important, and – save for the automatic qualifiers – all participating nations have had to take part in the semi-finals, regardless of the previous year’s scoreboard position. The only states which automatically qualify for the grand final are the Big Five, and the host nation : France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the Uk, who continue to appreciate their protected position.

The voting systems utilized in the Eurovision Song Contest have altered throughout the years. The current method has been in position because 1975, and is a positional voting method. Countries give a set of points from 1 to 8, then 10 and finally 12 to other tracks in the contest – with the favorite tune being granted 12 points.

Who will win Eurovision 2013? Follow

Watch out for Celebrities TV Project

For those who are fanatic of Hollywood stars, it is definitely a must to know if their favorites would have a TV project, an advertisement, or even a guesting. On the other hand, some TV show followers admire the way some cast portray the role that they cannot wait for the actors to have another TV projects. Some even want to know how to use tweetadder to keep updated with the latest TV shows. If you are one of those eager fans, below is just the list of possible projects of your idols.

Kylie Minogue in “Hey Diddly Dee”

The Popstar has been tapped by the actor comedian Mathew Horne to play the role as a sexy man-eater in this new TV Project entitled ‘Hey Diddly Dee.’

Andy and Lana Wachowski’s Sense 8

If you do not know these siblings, then you are not a fan of Matrix. These two have coordinated with the online streaming website NetFlix for their first TV project. This will be launched on 2014 with 10 episodes. The siblings are also the brain behind Halle Berry and Tom Hanks’ Cloud Atlas.

On the other hand, followers of Project Runway may have seen as the part one of its season finale was recently aired.

Recording Luxury Music Club

Many love music simply because the reasons are universal. It reminds, inspire or can grab our emotions instantly with that few bars of melody. For example, intentionally composed songs meant to send message about the state of the world. There also club luxury records, design for those who wants to do recording. Here are some of the reasons why music is love by many.

  • It teaches about the world. Since there are a different genres and levels of music around the world, listening and exploring some of those songs gives the listener an idea about the people in that place, their lifestyle and other personalities.
  • Expressing ourselves. This sort of pleasure is a way in which many of us can express something about our personal identity. Through music, it can help an individual build an image of him.

There are genres of music. Samples are:

  • Rock
  • Classical
  • blues

Song lyrics of the current day show an increased narcissism and hostility, antisocial behavior and self-focus emotions. While in the past generation, what’s more important are social interaction, focus on others and other the positive emotions.

Like listening to a good tune of music, having home security companies also helps psychologically. It can give you a feeling of security because of these technological advances; it can keep burglars and other threats away from your home and keep you safe.

Best Dancing Clubs in New York

Nightlife activities can be more enjoyable if you choose the best dance club. If you happen to visit New York, you will not only enjoy but gain more experience about the latest styles and venues provided by the dance clubs in the city. Be sure that your travel has no delays otherwise it can make your trip bad amidst the exciting moment in your nightlife in The Big Apple. Confirm that there are no flight delays that may be caused by bad weather, strike, etc. You can get additional info at the site for any trip advisory.

You don’t want to make your night bad upon knowing the dance night club at Cielo because the attitude of this club is close to zero. You’d never guess from the Heidi Montag the best hanging out in the neighborhood. It features the crystal-clear sound system that won a bevy of Best Club awards in its half decade of existence.

If you really need some thumpin’ beats and a place to move your feet and keep a special lookout for the nights hosted by local stalwarts Sleepy and Boo, then get it at the Sullivan Room. It is right here in this unmarked subterranean space, which hosts some of the best deep-house, tech house and breaks bashes the city has to offer.

You don’t want to be delayed in your flight if you know how nice and enjoyable to spend some of the dance club in New York. Time is precious and you need to be in the dance club at the right time.

What is a Funk Club?

Funk is a genre of music distinguishable by its rhythmic and danceable groove. It started in mid 1960s by African Americans such as James Brown, Sly, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Meters, and Dyke and The Blazers and The Family Stone. This style is classified and based on the following forms below:

  • R&B music
  • hip hop
  • jazz
  • G-funk
  • Post-Disco
  • soul music with elements of gospel music and rhythm and blues

Based on funk, funk clubs are born. A funk club is a non-profit association that supports and promotes music related to this kind of style. Samples of funk genres of demotivational posters are in this site which uses instruments extensively such as electric guitar, bass, organ, trombone for rhythmic “hits” and drums. This somewhat relates to those who are depressed because of its incorporation of heavy polyrhythmic rhythms, psychedelic soul, horns and impressive guitar music.

There are popular and greatest funk records, such as the following:

  1. Funky Drummer Parts I and II
  2. Give It Up or Turnit a Loose (In the Jungle Groove remix); Songs are based on impact, influence
  3. Mothership Connection (Star Child) and popularity
  4. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) and Sly and the Family Stone
  5. Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker) and Parliament

Funk style has its own and distinct of style and culture even though this is often taken as a disco music. But whatever kind and form of music, funk can surely give us good and happy times!

Evolution of Funk Music

In 1960, the African American musicians blended soul music, soul jazz and R&B into a rhythmic, danceable new form of music. The melody and harmony of funk give strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums to the foreground. These songs are based on an extended vamp on a single chord and centered on chord progressions.

Funk Music was major influence of the development of disco music and go-go.

The African-American musical expression came from the sub-Saharan African music traditions that express in their spiritual way of chanting, shout praising, gospel, and body rhythms (hambone, patting juba, and ring shout clapping and stomping patterns). So, funk music is a combination of traditional music expression of the African music traditions. In other words, funk music is an invisible tradition of African music traditions. It is like invisible mannequin photography that gives invisible effect when dressed.

James Brown and others were the first to put the funk in a rock n’ roll beat. In the mid-1960s, he had developed his signature groove that emphasized the downbeat with heavy emphasis on the first beat of every measure to etch his distinctive sound rather than the backbeat that typified African American music.

Brown’s innovations led his band to be seminal funk and pushed the funk music style further to the forefront with releases such as “Cold Sweat” (1967), “Mother Popcorn” (1969) and “Get up Sex Machine” (1970).

James Brown

Other Musical groups pick up the rhythms and vocal style developed by James Brown and the funk style began to grow. That is why in 1967 the release of “Funky Broadway” was the first record of the soul era to have “funky” in the title.

The highest mainstream visibility for funk music was in the year 1970. Disco music owed a great deal to funk. The early disco songs and performers were directly from funk-oriented backgrounds.

At present funk has also been incorporated into modern R&B music by many female singers such as Beyonce with her 2003 hit “Crazy In Love”.

February 2007 Listing

About The Jesse Love Band The Jesse Love band are a 4 piece Nu-Soul/Funk outfit playing a mixture of mainly original songs and a few choice covers. They are dedicated to hard hitting, quality grooves with an uplifting message and joy-filled vibes. The band is made up of an exciting combination of experience and youth featuring the talents of former Interscope U.S. recording artist Jesse Love aka William Cartright on keys and vocals, Laurie ‘Mac’ McLeod on guitar (Court of Miracles, Honeyseeds, James Lascelles), J Rokka aka Jerome O’Connell on bass (DBD Hip Hop collective, Orjazmyx) and Arjun Magee on drums(Miracle Strain, Orjazmyx). —————————————————————————————- ‘The Jesse Love Band bring their own brand of soul, funk and R&B to the South West. The band have been packing out venues in the area with their hard-hitting, tight-as-you-like soul grooves. Featuring Jesse Love’s funkiest of funky keyboards recalling shades of Stevie Wonder and Omar, this band is ‘hotter than the hottest July ever.’ John Dart/FW Magazine

06 Reggae Vibration Feat the Uplifter & Guests…

08 ROUTE 2 ROOTS n Guests…


12 ROUTE 2 ROOTS n Guests…

13 Reggae Vibration cable tv companies Feat the Uplifter & Guests…

15 ROUTE 2 ROOTS n Guests…

16 SOUL FOOD: 2 SPOT GOBI – LIVE Feat the Uplifter &
Somewhere between acoustic soul and upbeat grooves lie Two Spot Gobi. Massive beats, infectious melodies and an eclectic mix of musical styles make for an organic sound unlike anything else… “I was stoked to hear a band full of real musicians, teasing me with funk, jazz and organic pop. A fresh sound to my ears, British or wherever, it’s new for the world”.. Jason Mraz “This is intelligent urban sass for the chilled-out surf generation”.. Music critic Max Gibson “you’ll crave more… an outstanding band”..BrightonLife “With Immeasurable talent, they represent the best our city has to offer”..NC Brighton


22 ROUTE 2 ROOTS n Guests…


27 Reggae Vibration Feat the Uplifter & Guests…

James Brown Rest In Peace

Some of many tributes…

James Brown died early on Christmas morning.

What the world would have been like had he never have been born is unimaginable. It would be hard to argue that any other individual has had as much influence on music as this man. I won’t name his innovations here as they are so ever-present and deeply engrained in all of us that to describe them would be as pointless as notating the rhythms of our hearts and lungs.

I don’t feel it is appropriate to speak of loss in this situation. When a man dies who has contributed so much to music, more notably Soul Music, and more personally has inspired and architected my own very livelihood, I think speaking of loss would be ungrateful. Let us rather give thanks for what he gave us; for every every drop of his sweat that, along with his moans and grunts, bathed the stages and phonographs of our world in sweet raw Soul. Let us get up and celebrate his life with our music, and ours with his, just like he showed us.

May his soul rest in peace, but let his spirit keep working tirelessly among us.

Inspired and working hard,

Gabriel and Bosco
Daptone Records

Funk, Soul, Rhythm and Blues

Funk music could be classified as a mixture of soul music with a dash of jazz, and R&B, with a strong rhythmic groove built from the electric bass, drums, and the electric guitar. They often have a strong horn section as well where the sax added the soul and the trumpets and trombone accented the rhythmic beats.

In 1970, a new strand of Rhythm and Blues (R&B) was hitting the airwaves, funk music. Rhythm and Blues artists like Little Richard, James Brown, Parliament Funkadelic, and the Meters helped to pave the way to R&B Funk topping record charts and filling nightclubs with a funky new beat.

The 80′s also brought musical instrument changes to the traditional funk sounds with the exchange from live horn sections to synth keyboards, organs and pianos were replaced with electronic machines and synthesizers as well. Even the drums were replaced by electronics taking a good part of the show out of funk today. Lyrics that used to be innuendos of sexual content have become straight out obvious sexual content.

By the early 80′s funk took on a bit more of a spin and became more sultry and sexual in content with the help of artists such as Prince. After all, the initial oncoming of funk was based off the idea of getting your groove on or sexual intercourse to be more direct. A song would start with a slow rhythmic groove working up to a harder, pounding, and more insistent and demanding rhythm.

Psychedelic soul hit the music industry in the late 60′s giving the R&Bs a blend of rock and soul with that had an upbeat tempo that one could move their feet to on the dance floor. It was the crack that led to the opening to funk and disco a few years later.

When taking a trip down funk music memory lane you can’t help think back to the 70′s artists such as Rufus feat, Chaka Khan, Earth, Wind & Fire, Eric Burdon & War, Tower of Power, Average White Band, The Commodores, and Kool & the Gang. The thing with funk music back in the 70′s and still today is that no one band or artists was bound to just that one style of music. These same artist and many more also played other genres of music such as disco and rare soul music. Funk just opened the doors to new venues as well as new genres of music such as disco beats, hip hop, and go-go and punk music.

The late 80′s and early 90′s brought funk into yet another light as rock bands started incorporating funk sounds to their venue calling it funk rock or funk metal. However through all the changes of Funk R&B influences that earlier performs such as James Brown, Sly and the Family Stone, George Clinton and Parliament-Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield, The Meters, The Funk Brothers, and Bootsy Collins still remain.

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Funk Bass In a Nutshell

In a nutshell, funk music is described as having an intense groove by using strong funk bass guitar riffs and bass lines. But it is impossible to understand this without first identifying the instruments that are most often used in this genre of music. The most common are the bass guitar-which is considered paramount, electric-rhythm guitar, drums, and a brass section, usually made up of a trumpet, saxophone, and trombone. Identifying these components is vital because each play a very important role in the overall sound of the music.

Because the guitar takes the rhythmic role, it is the brass section – mainly the three horns mentioned above, that provide the lead work. Although uncommon, the horns are also used for solos in songs more than any other instrument.

With so many music genres and the ever expanding and evolving music scene, at times it is difficult to distinguish one style from the other. There have been numerous overlaps that now it is possible for one song to have several sub-genres. Yet despite this being the case, there are still some characteristics in funk music that differentiates it clearly from all the rest.

As mentioned earlier, the bass is a prominent fixture in funk. Before this genre stepped into the limelight as a frontrunner in popular music, the bass guitar was not heavily incorporated by other styles. But it is what provides funk the melodic baseline that is often the centerpiece of the song. It also gives funk music the beat that is crucial to its dance-ability.

But these instruments playing on their own cannot capture that groovy and rhythm-oriented funk sound. Even more important than each individual instrument is funk music’s principle of a strong and steady rhythm line that each player adheres to. That is the true characteristic of funk – having the funk bass, drums, electric guitar and horns make music as a team. Funk music has no soloists, instead it has the sound of an ensemble.

The electric guitar is another key instrument in performing funk music, although it does not share the same prominence as the funk bass. Its main purpose is to be rhythmic, repeating the same simple chord or chord sequence for most of the song, without variation. This kind of playing is reminiscent of a percussive style where riffs are used to strengthen the drum elements.

Aside from this, the slap bass method of playing the guitar has become fundamental in the definition of funk music. This technique is performed by using the bone of the thumb joint to strike the lower strings near the guitar’s neck and allowing the vibrating string to come into contact with the metal frets. This provides a prominent buzzing tone with a sharp attach and more high-frequency vibration.

There would be no funk music without the drums. While this instrument is naturally a part of any band’s rhythm section, its importance in funk is exceptional. The key to the steady groove of the music genre is the ability to cohere to the repetition of the drum playing.

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